Welcome to SnapEDA!
SnapEDA accelerates designs by providing free CAD parts for Altium Designer. This program allows you to search for schematic symbols and PCB footprints available on SnapEDA that can be downloaded and used within your designs instantly. To get started, search for a part number or keyword below!
Part Verification
The SnapEDA Checker runs a series of algorithms through each CAD file to provide transparency into common manufacturing issues, such as misplaced centroids or silkscreen-copper overlaps. Click Validations on any part page with CAD data on SnapEDA to see it in action. As a best practice, always double-check footprint mappings and dimensions, and please rate your downloads on SnapEDA to provide feedback.
The DesignHub features libraries from semiconductor companies including Texas Instruments and GaN Systems, as well as curated component libraries like Octopart's Common Parts Library and Seeed Studio's Open Parts Library to help with parts research and selection. Browse the DesignHub.
Frequently Asked Questions
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