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Design faster with Kingston libraries

Download free symbols & PCB footprints for Kingston products.

Why We Built This

If you were building a rocket ship using Legos, would you first mould each Lego piece?

When building circuit boards, engineers spend days creating the building blocks (symbols, footprints, and 3D models) needed to represent each component in their designs. We think that time can be better spent building better, cooler products.

This is why we've collaborated with Kingston to release free symbols & footprints for their products. We hope these libraries will help engineers design better products faster.

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What Is SnapMagic Search?

SnapMagic Search is the leading electronics design search engine. We provide free symbols, footprints and 3D models for PCB design.

Kingston Symbol
Kingston Footprint
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How It Works


1. Search For a Part

Search thousands of Kingston libraries by part number or keyword


2. Download

Download the symbol and PCB footprint for the Kingston product free


3. Get Back to Design

Drag-and-drop into your PCB design tool to save hours.

Exports To

  • Cadence


  • OrCAD


  • Altium

  • Eagle

  • PADS

  • KiCad


  • PCB123



Breakdown of New Kingston Parts Added to SnapMagic Search (%)

Top Downloaded Kingston Parts



EMMC 5.1 (HS400) 153B 4Gb - INDU

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Flash Memory Card 4 GB 3.3V

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EMMC 5.1 (HS400) 153B 4GB Small

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What Standards Do We Follow

We follow IPC-7351B standards for common packages, and Kingston's recommendations (as specified in their datasheets). For symbols, we follow IEEE-315 and our own standards, as outlined here.

All models are created by our component engineering team using a mix of automated and manual processes, and verified with a three-step verification process.

Quality & Verification

Using our platform, designers can gain transprency into the standards that each model follows, such as whether it was made with IPC standards, or manufacturer recommendations.

To ensure quality, our automated verification technology provide transparency into manufacturability.