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Step 2: Components

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Step 3: Select Components

Step 4: Manufacturing

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Part Dimension X:

Part Dimension Y:

Number of Layers:

Surface Finish:


Specification: IPC Class II 0.062" Thickness
Minimum Trace Width / Space: 0.005"
Minimum finished drill size = 0.010"
Green SolderMask both sides.
White SilkScreen Top, Bottom, BothHASL and OSP (RoHS) finish
Irregular board shape is OK
Internal cutouts are OK
Copper Weight: 1 oz Outer / 0.5 oz Inner
Electrical test comes included with all multi-layer (4-8 layers) boards.
Finish Thickness: 0.062"

Step 5: Assembly


# of BOM items:

Double sided SMT:

# of surface mount parts:

# of thru-hole parts:

# of fine pitch parts:

# of parts without leads:

Lead-free process:

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Step 6: Confirm price and quantity

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